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2011-02-19         Van Nuys, CA
Muay Thai - ( Sparring ) at HOC Fight Night

Opponent Description: Early twenties, strong, solid, and polite

Fight Summary:     This was the third fight of the night and things were just getting started, so I figured I'd put on a show and threw a few pretty kicks (inside kick jumping inside kick, spinning hook kick, etc). He kept his distance from them (really that was an inappropriate use of the kicks to start with but I knew that...), and pressed into me pretty hard. He put a lot of pressure on me, and put a lot of power in his punches, so eventually I had to give up the show and start really fighting. By the second round I was exhausted, and by the end of the third round I thought I was going to die, but it was my own fault for showing off...

What I Did Well:     I threw some really beautiful kicks. Watching the video afterwards you could hear the audience go "ooooooh!"

What I Did Poorly:     I'm always the first person to criticize a fighter who blows all his energy at the beginning of a fight. That's what I get for wanting to put on a show despite knowing better. Also, I treated this fight like it was not important, and my next fight that night would be the big one... turns out this was the only fight I had and I blew it showing off. I need to treat every fight like it's my only fight.

Fight Outcome:     No Winner

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