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1998-03-28         Odessa, Texas
Judo - ( Tournament ) at Brown Belt Tournament

OPPONENT: A Wrestler
Opponent Description: White belt in Judo but a former competitive wrestler

Fight Summary:     NOTE: This is a copied entry from my very first pen-and-paper sparring book from my competitive Judo days back in 1997-1999. I knew from before the fight that my opponent was a wrestler, so I began the fight with my left hand down to stop a shoot. We fought for grip, but then he dropped and took my legs. I managed to turn over and keep him from scoring on the takedown, but I did not think to close up and protect my neck until he already had an arm under my head. He choked me for an ippon.

What I Did Well:     I sized up my opponent and played to hist strengths and weaknesses well. I've also gotten pretty good at not giving away any points when someone goes for my legs.

What I Did Poorly:     I was not thinking ahead. I waited until I had finished taking the fall before I started thinking about what to do next, and that was too long. I need to focus on smoothly flowing without stopping to think, and never letting my guard down.

Fight Outcome:     Lost
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