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1998-03-28         Odessa, Texas
Judo - ( Tournament ) at Brown Belt Tournament

OPPONENT: A Purple Belt
Opponent Description: Strong but short

Fight Summary:     NOTE: This is a copied entry from my very first pen-and-paper sparring book from my competitive Judo days back in 1997-1999. The fight began with my opponent pulling down on my gi, hunched over, but I decided not to use a standing compression choke, because I felt I used that technique all the time. Instead, I was determined to throw him. I started by pushing him down, keeping him hunched over, but he stayed stiff-armed, and was penalized for doing so. Eventually, I managed to pull him around on my left side, but he fell to his knees instead, so I finally did put him in a standing compression choke.

What I Did Well:     NOTE: At the time I fought at 135 lbs. The choke. Getting shorter, stronger guys into a standing compression choke is usually pretty easy because they are too busy trying to muscle me around and not thinking about the leverage a tall skinny kid has over them.

What I Did Poorly:     I need to just take advantage of the opportunities that present themselves, and not try to make something happen if the opportunity is not there. Honestly, I'm lucky I still won after passing up an opportunity because I wanted to throw the guy instead of choking him out.

Fight Outcome:     Won
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