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2011-07-23         Eagle Rock, California
Knife Fighting - ( Tournament ) at Festival Ng Mga Kapatid

Opponent Description: Nice, with a great poker face

Fight Summary:     The whole festival was a lot of fun. I won three or four fights and made my way into the semifinals in advanced single blade, double blade, and tactical. Tactical is by far my favorite because it is the most technical and intricate. This fight in particular was a great one for me. My opponent was advanced and had some great check-hand work. His style was very linear and direct, which usually makes someone too predicable to be effective, but this guy had such a good poker face, it was impossible to tell when he was going to strike, so even if you knew full well he would go for your knife hand, you had no idea when.

What I Did Well:     Whenever I parried or evaded a strike, I followed his hand right back to his body for a strike of my own. My timing on this was pretty good.

What I Did Poorly:     I tended to use my live hand to parry his strikes rather than checking and controlling. This is great for unarmed combat, but for blade, it leaves his knife in play, and it is tough for a judge to see what happened. I need to focus on checking and controlling the knife hand clearly.

Fight Outcome:     Lost

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