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2011-07-27         Eagle Rock, California
Knife Fighting - ( Tournament ) at Festival Ng Mga Kapatid


Fight Summary:     This was the most fun fight of the festival for me. Tactical blade, fighting for 3rd and 4th place. I had never actually fought Alex in a tournament before, so this was extra fun. Lots of good checking, evading, and counters on both sides. This fight really kept me thinking the whole time, and Alex absolutely refused to let me get his neck without simultaneously stabbing me in the armpit or somewhere else just as nasty.

What I Did Well:     At one point, I faked high to the face, stomped my foot, and then dropped low and got his legs in a clean point. I am happy about that point because I know Alex is particularly difficult to trick that way.

What I Did Poorly:     I definitely need to check and control more than parry, especially against someone more advanced who isn't going to stop after a single swing of the knife. I also need to vary up my approach a bit when things are not working. I should have stopped following his knife hand back in and going for the neck after about the 2nd time it didn't work.

Fight Outcome:     Lost

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