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2011-09-17         North Hollywood, California
Hapkido - ( Testing ) at Song's Hapkido Red Belt Test

Test Summary:     This test went very well. I had my self defense techniques solid, and I felt great about the whole thing. I started with 5 initiated standing techniques, and finished with 5 sitting techniques. After that we showed all our punching, kicking, etc, and I also fell for Drew, who was testing for his brown belt. Max, my 2 month old little boy was there to cheer me on, but he slept through the whole thing.

What I Did Well:     My kicks were great, I had good body control throughout, and I had way better energy and yelling than my last test.

What I Did Poorly:     Some of my self defense techniques were a little choppy, particularly the first one, but that was because I was worried about possibly hurting my partner, and I'm ok with a little choppiness in exchange for not knocking my friend's teeth out. I need to keep working on my yelling and energy, and try to make everything a little more solid, clean and smooth.

Test Outcome:     Passed

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