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2011-12-17         North Hollywood, California
Hapkido - ( Testing ) at Song's Hapkido Black Belt Test

Test Summary:     I had been preparing for this for a while. I tested ahead of everyone else, and was a little nervous, but I was also over-prepared. We went through all of my red belt material, and then, they randomly picked 2 techniques from white all the way up to black. Then we went through all the punching, kicking, rolling and falling as a group. After nearly 18 years studying martial arts, I was very excited to finally be testing for my first black belt.

What I Did Well:     I prepared very well, and did each technique without even having to stop and think when they called them out to me. My yelling and energy was also much improved from the last test.

What I Did Poorly:     For a black belt, my after-form for most of the techniques was a little lacking. I really could have done a lot more with that, and used it as a chance to shine, but I did not take that opportunity. Also, my nervousness and excitement somehow turned into a jumpy energy you can easily spot on the video. I need to be solid and confident, not jumpy.

Test Outcome:     Passed

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