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2011-02-26         Ontario, CA
Karate - ( Tournament ) at Compete Nationals

Opponent Description: Some massive karate greenbelt. Seriously the guy had to have more than 100 lbs on me. Maybe 150.

Fight Summary:     Ok, seriously, they never should have matched us up, but you don't get to pick your opponent in real life either, so I said OK. This guy was huge, and just pushed me around the ring the whole time. He fought very sloppily, and didn't really land anything solid, but it didn't really matter, either. The ref warned me about not kicking too hard and not trapping the head (this was my first karate style fight and I'm still a little uncertain on the rules...), and by this point I was pretty frustrated. If I couldn't use power to push back, what could I do? When the fight was over I was still pumped and very frustrated. I felt like I had been robbed of a "real" fight.

What I Did Well:     I threw some good kicks, and impressed the judges, but that's about it.

What I Did Poorly:     I didn't hold my ground. It's tough when someone is so much heavier than you but in hindsight, I realize I should have just lowered my stance incredibly low (like wushu low). This is tough for me because I like to stand lightly on the balls of my feet to throw fast and high kicks, but fast high kicks don't do you any good as you are tumbling backwards. Since this fight, I have tried sparring with a deep, low stance against bigger guys, and I have actually been able to push them around the floor. Live and learn, I guess.

Fight Outcome:     Lost

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