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2011-06-11         Van Nuys, California
Knife Fighting - ( Sparring ) at Blade Sparring at HOC


Fight Summary:     Technically the event was over, but I hadn't gotten a chance to fight Alex yet, so I called him out, and we had our own match. He fought well guarded, stayed behind his blade, and swung in pretty tight circles, which gave me little opportunity to come in on a big opening. Alex has also seen me shoot low for his legs far too many times for me to surprise him that way. It was a tough fight, but a fun one. Apparently, somewhere in the heat of things I broke his toe, which sucks. It never feels good to hurt your friends.

What I Did Well:     The hail-mary move where you fall to the floor on your knife hand shoulder is very risky, but it still seems to work often enough for me to keep it in the mix.

What I Did Poorly:     I had a difficult time getting past his guard, but his distance felt too crowded for me to spin, pass the knife, or do anything tricky or unexpected. I need to learn to fight with a little more comfort even when I feel a little more crowded than I would like.

Fight Outcome:     Lost

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