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2011-06-18         North Hollywood, California
Hapkido - ( Testing ) at Song's Hapkido Brown Belt Test

Test Summary:     For this test, the self defense techniques were for an opponent grabbing you from behind. I had the material down solidly and breezed through them without any hiccups. We went through the kicks and punching forms pretty quickly, and then did some rolling and even hard falling. I also fell for a green belt and a white belt, which was a lot of fun.

What I Did Well:     I had all the techniques down solidly, and knew the kicks and punching forms very well. I also did a good job falling for the white and green belt, and flipped into hard falling instead of just rolling to the ground, which makes them look better on their test.

What I Did Poorly:     My yelling and energy could use some work. I definitely do better in a testing or a fight than in class because some of my inhibitions fall away, but I still have a long way to go there. Also, in the heat of things, I missed a couple finishing moves I wanted to add in to the techniques, but that's no big deal. I probably need to work a little more on my rolling too. My back rolling still takes a lot of thinking on my part. I can't just do it without thinking.

Test Outcome:     Passed

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