Keep track of your fights and watch yourself develop into a champion fighter

Getting Set Up:
If you haven't done so already, the first thing you need to do is set up a profile. It is quick, painless, and completely free.

Once your profile is set up, you have the option to affiliate yourself with a school, or identify another member as your coach.

This is the hard part. Take every opportunity you can to test your skills, and try to find opponents with different backgrounds, styles and body types. Everyone's rythm, distance, and energy is a little bit different, so it is good to have a little variety in your sparring.

The most important thing of all is to challenge yourself. You will learn much more from a fight you lose than an easy win, so push yourself and choose a difficult opponent whenever you can.

If at all possible, have a friend take some video footage of the fight, or at least a few pictures.

Add a Fight:
After your fight, come back to and log in. From the home page, click on "Add a New Fight" and start filling in all the details of your fight. The summary field is important, so you can look back on the fight and remember what happened, but the "What I Did Poorly" field is the most important of all. This is the place for you to honestly, and without making excuses for yourself, talk about what you could have done better or why you think your approach to the fight didn't turn out the way you planned.

This kind of honest self-criticism can be very difficult when other people are able to read your comments, so all entries are private by default and viewable only by you unless you explicitly decide to share them.

Add a Video:
If you have a video of your fight, you will need to upload it to the web. Youtube is an easy and popular option, but you can do it however you like. Once you have uploaded your video, get the URL for the video (YouTube users click on the "share" button), and paste it into the "Links" at the bottom of your fight summary. If you have a URL for any pictures, promos, or event pages, add those as well.

Including videos will do wonders for your own progression as a fighter, so make the effort to do this whenever you can.

Learn From Your Fights:
From time to time, come back to and read through your old fights, especially if you have a new fight coming up. Watch the videos again and think about what you would do differently today. You will be surprised how much a little browsing through your history can improve your performance today.

Even More Help:
Send all your questions, comments, or suggestions to and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
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